One thought on “Tony Benn – No “friend of Ireland”

  1. That squib about Tony Benn is a serious matter. However, he received wife Mary and me at a time when we had been targeted by criminals from MI5 and the FBI. We went to London to seek justice for ex-Limerickman Patrick Cullinane whom the Inland Revenue (IR) had fraudulently robbed of his home in London. It had falsely claimed an income tax underpayment of L5,000, liened Cullinane’s L170,000 house, evicted him from it, sold it, and kept the entire proceeds. Other IR employes provided Cullinane with timely proof that the claim was fabricated. Guardian newspaper Financial Reporter Phillip Inman wrote a few articles that would have secured justice for Cullinane in any law-abiding nation. So did I, repeatedly, in my column in The Irish American News, but Irish Ambassador Barrington and the editors of The Irish Post, and The Irish World, did NOT want to know; were actively destructive of Cullinane.

    Tony Benn (and fellow M.P.s Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell) did as much as they could to counter the IR crime against Cullinane and make him whole; but to no avail. Cullinane died a few weeks ago having never seen justice. .


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