Crimes of Britain was set up in July 2015 with the aim over exploring both colonial and imperialist policies of the British state, past and present.

We are in the process of writing a book on British colonialism and imperialism. The aim of which is to present a true examination of the British Empire and Britain’s neo-colonial and imperialist endeavours.

A documentary film is also in the making taking the same line as the book.

Crimes of Britain has appeared on several media outlets:

In October 2015 the BBC produced an article titled ‘how the annual poppy appeal has been hijacked online‘. The BBC falsely claimed the Crimes of Britain Twitter account “retweets a wide variety of radical groups”. Crimes of Britain is an independent outfit that has never re-tweeted anyone. The BBC went on to remove this smear.

On the 1st April 2016 Crimes of Britain’s spokesperson appeared on Russia Today’s Sputnik programme to discuss the anti-colonial Easter Rising and its influence on events today.

To commemorate the centenary of the Easter Rising Crimes of Britain in collaboration with the Malcolm X Movement held an event in London. Speakers included Bernadette Devlin, Saeb Shaath (former PLO ambassador to Ireland), Hakim Adi (Black radical scholar), Sukant Chandan (Malcolm X Movement)

On the 5th September 2016 Crimes of Britain spokesperson appeared on Press TV’s ‘A Simple Question‘ to discuss the claim that Britain’s military is “not adequately equipped to deal with the growing threat of a world war“.

Crimes of Britain has also released a number of articles which are on this site as well as a recent collaboration with teleSUR.