Collusion is no Illusion


Collusion is no Illusion is dedicated to exposing Britain’s ongoing facilitation, promotion, and collusion with terrorism across North Africa and the Middle East.

Britain is one of the leading states that colludes with terrorism. For many centuries Britain has been allied to the most sectarian and violent forces in the Middle East. For example, the British were fundamental in the creation of Saudi Arabia and maintain its existence.

Britain continues to utilise violent sectarian forces. Most evidently and openly in their promotion and facilitation of scores of people to conduct terrorist operations in Libya from February 2011 while NATO bombed for the skies for seven months. British collusion with terrorism was also evident and remains evident in the war on Syria, whereby under the watch of British authorities around a thousand people have left Britain to join ISIS in Syria. Many of those have returned to Britain/Europe.

Many non-Western governments have complained directly to the British about terrorist suspects including the previous Libyan government, and the governments of Syria, Kenya amongst others. Britain has shown a pattern of ignoring these warnings and calls and in many cases, these suspects have gone on to conduct terror operations.

Britain facilitated and colluded with loyalist terror outfits in the occupied six counties and to this day funnels money to them from various slush funds set up in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement. Scores of Irish people were murdered in cold-blooded sectarian attacks over the decades. Watch the video below for a brief history of Britain’s collusion with loyalist terrorism.