Corbyn, the Provisional IRA & Sinn Féin

Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the British Labour Party some two years ago his alleged support for the Provisional IRA and Sinn Féin has created quite the uproar in Britain. It has hotted up since Theresa May announced a snap general election. You can’t go a day without the IRA being mentioned in British political discourse. … Continue reading Corbyn, the Provisional IRA & Sinn Féin

Britain’s collusion with terror

When Britain’s collusion with death squads across the ‘Middle East’ and Africa is mentioned it falls on deaf ears. The only time you’ll hear of Britain’s open collaboration with these forces are when they are branded ‘moderates’ or ‘rebels’ by the British media. Firstly, what do I mean by death squad. I use this term … Continue reading Britain’s collusion with terror