Poppy campaign

For those in Britain or British occupied territory poppy season is now upon us. A culture of poppy fascism has emerged in recent years with those who refuse to wear one often being lambasted by the British media and the general public. James McClean, for instance, has year after year come under heavy criticism and even on the receiving end of death threats for refusing to wear a symbol that honours those that perpetrated the Bloody Sunday massacre on the streets of his city in 1972.

The poppy sold by the Royal British Legion remembers every single British soldier that has died since WW1. That includes those who carried out mass murder on the streets of Ireland, those who assisted in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1947 and those who butchered Iraqis and Afghanis this century. It is nauseating that the genocidal campaigns perpetrated by British soldiers are presented as ‘heroism’ by the Royal British Legion and its advocates. The funds raised by the annual poppy appeal are used to finance veterans of present-day conflicts taking a burden off the Ministry of Defence. The poppy is a symbol of British imperialism.

Both the red and white poppy remember British soldiers. We here at Crimes of Britain do not regard British soldiers as victims but perpetrators of heinous crimes against countless people all around the world.