Corbyn, the Provisional IRA & Sinn Féin

Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the British Labour Party some two years ago his alleged support for the Provisional IRA and Sinn Féin has created quite the uproar in Britain. It has hotted up since Theresa May announced a snap general election. You can’t go a day without the IRA being mentioned in British political discourse. All sorts of accusations and misinformation is being circulated by both the anti and pro Corbyn camps.

The first thing we should analyse when discussing Corbyn and his links to the Provisional movement is who exactly did he ally and align with inside Sinn Féin? It was the counter-revolutionary elements. The likes of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness who accepted the British established partitionist Leinster House and Stormont parliaments.

To give some brief background; in 1986 a revisionist grouping got control of Sinn Féin, they went on to fracture the movement with the acceptance of Leinster House. Just over a decade later and the Provisional movement was to enter Stormont. In 2005, the Provisional IRA surrendered arms that belonged to the Irish Republican movement. Up until 1986 the object of Provisional Sinn Féin was the defence of the 32 county Irish Republic. They now recognise English crown law in Ireland as legitimate and uphold British rule in the North of Ireland. Over the years the Provisional movement have called on the Irish people to become British informers and collaborators, they have called for a unilateral ceasefire, accepted partition, accepted the unionist veto, endorsed the RUC/PSNI (colonial police) and recognised British puppet parliaments.

Corbyn is often referred to as a “friend of Ireland”, the truth is he moved in the circles of those who sought to destroy the Republican movement and work against the Irish Republic.

It is true Jeremy Corbyn has made favourable comments about Irish reunification. But surely this shouldn’t mean rushing to fawn over a British politician. Especially one who associated with the very people who sold out the Republican movement. No amount of patronising should allow Irish Republicans to think it’s okay for a Brit to stick their nose in to Irish affairs. You don’t beg for your freedom nor wish for it be granted by the occupier!

Whenever Corbyn is questioned on the IRA he states he supported a “peace process” in the six counties. The very mechanism that Corbyn supports is to maintain the North of Ireland as part of the so-called ‘United Kingdom’.

Labour has always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing in relation to Ireland. It sent the troops to the North in 1969, built the H-Blocks and waged war of pacification on the Provisional IRA which they subsequently won with the 1998 surrender agreement.

The Corbyn camp are quick to brand the IRA terrorists and Corbyn himself stated he condemned legitimate IRA actions of war. But it has always been the British that are the terrorists in Ireland. For example; child murder, the depth of terrorism is the policy of the British, not the IRA.

John McDonnell, Corbyn’s Shadow Chancellor, “apologised from the bottom of his heart” for his comments on Bobby Sands. McDonnell stated he said it to bring about peace and it was uttered when he was addressing “Republican hardliners” in 2003 in an attempt to “encourage them to take the final steps towards delivering a full political settlement” in the North of Ireland. In other words this was a very typical case of British duplicity designed to pacify a revolutionary movement. A method which has since been exported around the world modelled on the British success in Ireland.

In 2016, the Irish Republican Socialist Party challenged British Labour Party activists organising in the North of Ireland. Corbyn stated he would “consider” running candidates in the six counties. The mere proposal is imperialist. The colonial arrogance of the British Labour Party knows no bounds when it comes to Ireland.

To sum up, my point is that no Irish Republican should be extending support to a future British Prime Minister who would oversee the occupation of our country. I hope the myth surrounding Corbyn being a “friend of Ireland” can be dismissed as nonsense.

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